It is vital to understand that people counting technology will allow you to keep track of visitors in real-time. You can choose wide array of options available depending on what you wish to get.

Generally, pedestrian counters can help you count every single person who goes in and out of your store, which is an important consideration you should remember. You can get the bi-directional option that will notice the difference between entering and exiting people.

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It is vital to place it on each entrance to determine how many visitors enters your facility. Besides, you can find horizontal trackers, but it is not a practical solution for registering numerous visitors.

Therefore, you need to create a sweeping entrance if you wish to deal with numerous people simultaneously.

Since retail stores come with different configurations and sizes, from large-sized superstores to small boutiques, you should know that requirements and technologies vary based on numerous factors.

Therefore, you can find the ones that will provide you, several people, while others can fit numerous locations and provide you with additional insight into your business needs and requirements.

The Best Mounting Locations

Everything depends on your facility’s layout, which is an important consideration when choosing the mounting location. Besides the layout, you should consider other factors such as ceiling height, door type, entrance width, and many more.

1.   Horizontal Wireless/Wired Systems

If you wish to get an essential and most affordable solution on the market, we recommend getting this type. You can place them on the doorframe with an idea to measure the foot traffic that enters and exits your building.

It is the perfect solution for small retail shops, gift shops, and boutiques, which will provide you with analytics that will help you boost your business, among other things.

Remember that business owners are using data from these options to optimize staffing levels and determine the number of personnel they need on particular days and hours.

The best thing about these systems is that you can use them in small stores and establishments with low foot traffic, and you can get relevant data without any additional problems.

However, this particular type also comes with particular disadvantages because it is affected by entrance width, affecting its accuracy.

2.   Overhead Tracking Systems

Suppose you wish to get overhead tracking system. In that case, you should know that it is the perfect solution for retailers that wish to get a device with high-end features, perfect accuracy, especially since it can handle dense traffic with ease.

You can get data by using particular analytics software, which will map zones within your store so that you can get a clearer picture of your visitors. Later, you can use the data for creating promotional strategies and campaigns.

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The best thing about it is the ability to implement a height threshold, which can differentiate children and adults. However, it would be best to combine it with other technologies available on the market to reach the perfect level of accuracy.

Different Counting Sensors

  • IR People Counters – This particular type of sensor will project a horizontal IR beam throughout the entrance. That way, as soon as someone passes through it, you will get the correct data based on your preferences. However, you will get a limited beam range, which means you should use other sensor types if you have a wide entrance.
  • Thermal Sensors – When it comes to thermal sensors, they will use heat detection and temperature changes to count people. It is one of the most accurate options, especially since it does not require too much light to operate. You can use it in low-light areas as well, which will provide you peace of mind. You just have to check out Athena-Security’s official website for more info. They can be wireless, which means that you will be able to place them at almost any layout. As a result, you will get accurate data of movement both outside and inside your store. You can easily cover the wide entrance and get an accurate number that is larger than 95%. However, they come with an expensive price tag due to the numerous features you will get with them.


A Brief Guide on How to Count People Inside