What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Lights? For outdoor lights that are suitable for your home, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. First, of course, the size of the area that you want to illuminate. There may be more lighting, such as driveway homes. For the porch, your lamp with a small lampshade will be sweeter. Overall, it is expected that outdoor lights will not be too light. So that even cover the beauty of your home. Choose lights at the Flos that can add to the beauty of your building, exterior and residential style.

The color and style of the lampshade should also be considered. The minimalist house will be sweeter with outdoor lights with the same themed hood. Similarly, if your house is a classic or another style. the color of the hood also needs to be considered mature. If, for example, your house has an earthy and warm exterior color, a gold and copper lampshade will be attractive. The blue house will match the black outdoor lampshade, and so on.

The type of lamp you also need to mind. It would be wise if you choose energy-saving lamps that are durable, such as the type of LED. This type of solid-state lamp now has an average regular brightness. Its durability can be several times as much, with power several times lower for the same brightness level. If necessary, you can consider outdoor lighting with solar power.

For those of you who are currently looking for ideas for the right outdoor lights, here are 7 inspirations in the selection of charming outdoor lights for you.

Outdoor lights for Cottage Nuanced Residences

The cottages always remind you of a simple, comfortable and warm atmosphere. To make the night atmosphere more impressive, add some outdoor lights to the veranda and yard. So that the atmosphere is not flat, give several different lights and complement each other at the cottage. On the tree there are spotlights, giving the sensation of a full moon. To further warm it up, also added two candle lanterns. Romantic. Right?

Outdoor Lights and Pot for Practical You

For those of you who don’t like to bother but still want the page to look stylish in day and night, try giving outdoor lights as well as flower pots. The official name is the Solar Illuminated Planter because this outdoor light also functions as a flower pot. As electric power, this lamp uses solar power. So you will not be complicated. You just put it under the direct sun, then the night will light up pretty. Interested?

Contemporary Outdoor Rechargeable LED Lights

Now you can not only get stationary outdoor lights, outdoor lights installed in one place. Because now you can get portable lights. Practical for you to carry and place anywhere. You also don’t need a complicated plug and cable, because there are portable outdoor lights that can be refilled or rechargeable. The shape is very sweet and contemporary. It uses very little energy because it uses LEDs.

Edison Lamp for Warm, Rusty Outdoor Lights

One more lamp that is popular among lovers of indoor and outdoor spatial planning is Edison’s lamp. The shape is similar to an ordinary incandescent bulb. There are filaments and clear glass. But Edison’s lamp is far more exotic, there is an impression of rustic and vintage charm emanating from it. And clearly, it gives a warm impression. Install in a series or on a table like this, you will be able to enjoy the nights are rustic and warm.

Outdoor Lights for a Warm and Vibrant Patio

For those of you who like an eclectic style, try to add a series of incandescent lamps to your patio. String lights are most suitable for displaying a warm and lively atmosphere on your home page. This series of lights might be reminiscent of outdoor events at night that are lifelike the mini night market.

Minimalist Outdoor Lights for Minimalist Residential

For a minimalist residence, it would be more fun if you give a choice of minimalist outdoor lights as well. If the regular outdoor lights are still considered too complicated for those of you who are minimalist, try using a model of outdoor lighting. The impression is unified and neat. And even very aesthetic.

Outdoor Lights for Stronger Yard Characters

Outdoor lights are not just like a yard or garden lighting. You can also use it to strengthen the character of your yard. The outdoor lights are positioned so that the atmosphere of the courtyard at night is more immersive and has character. In addition, the presence of outdoor lights can also warm the moments that are created in your yard.

For Enchanting Night Atmosphere, 7 Outdoor Lighting Inspirations for You