The Right Curtains, The Right Size

An ideal shade is possibly great on the off chance that it accommodates your window suitably. Be that as it may, how would you know whether you’re instant originator blind is going to accommodated your window? You’ll need to begin by taking exact estimations. It is basic for the best possible fitting.

To get a precise estimation each time you have to do a couple of things before you begin:

Utilize a wide edge steel measuring tape, not your fundamental ruler or adaptable measuring tape. Look at window treatments houston website for more information about window treatments houston.


All windows are not made equivalent, so measure all windows. Regardless of whether they seem, by all accounts, to be a similar size.

Get a companion to help measure. This can be exceptionally useful on those bigger windows and getting the careful drape drop estimations, which can be precarious to do without anyone else’s input.


  1. Sketch out the fundamental state of your window, in addition to the floor and roof lines.
  2. Write in estimations as you go.
  3. Presently you’re prepared to quantify:
  4. Measure the width of the window outline (this incorporates the trim around window).
  5. Measure the width of window outline forming.
  6. Measure the length of the window outline (this incorporates the trim around the window).
  7. Measure the length from the highest point of the window casing to the floor.
  8. Measure the good ways from the roof (or base of crown forming) to the highest point of the window outline. (This decides the measure of your usable divider space.)
  9. Measure the good ways from the base of window casing to the floor.


Where do you need the blind length to wrap up?

Do you need them to be level with the floor, beneath the ledge, or to the ledge? In the wake of deciding the base length of the boards you need, you at that point need to consider the plan of the heading style you have chosen. Various headers structures will hang or draw contrastingly and influence the completing length of treatment.


Here is a snappy guide as to get the correct look when estimating for changed sorts of headers:

Tab tops-measure from the highest point of the post.

Pencil creases measure from the eye (the little opening the drapery snare experiences) on the shade track or post ring to where the window ornaments length is to wrap up.


Squeeze crease or cup creases Measure from the eye on the window ornament track snare or post ring to where the draperies are to wrap up. Extra ” if hanging underneath drape bar. On the off chance that balancing it to cover track and 1 “to your estimations. On the off chance that the drapery snare is set beneath this estimation, the heading will fall forward.


The most effective method to gauge for the width:

  • When utilizing a track-Measure the complete width of track
  • Utilizing drape pole Measure between enlivening finishes/finials.
  • Utilizing single track with covering sections and covering track-Measure the widths of track, and include.
  • For squeeze crease and challis headings give both left and right estimations independently.


Challis heading-every flagon is roughly 1 ” in distance across. This confines the concertina-impact of the draperies when stepped back off the window. If it’s not too much trouble take into account this when thinking about the length of the track or post and guarantee you have sufficient lodging space between the window and the dividers on either side.


A decent dependable guideline is to hang your treatment 5″ above window outline/moldings. Measure the shaft to be 5″ reached out on each side of window outline (inside the finials). For the perfect floor length you should permit a 1″ freedom over the floor.

Estimating your window in the event that you need to utilize your current equipment:

  • The beginning stage for estimating the length changes with the sort of pole.
  • For divider or casing mounted navigate poles, start estimating 1/2″ over the highest point of the bar to the floor.
  • For roof mounted cross poles, start estimating 1/4″ beneath the highest point of the bar to the floor.
  • For enhancing navigate bars, start estimating from the base of the blind ring to the floor.


Presently you have every one of the estimations expected to look out your instant fashioner window ornament boards. Cheer up and get some assistance when introducing them, as this is an occupation for two individuals. This will guarantee you have a smooth and fast establishment.

Measuring For Ready Made Curtains