Lawn feed is something that is widely used, but many people continue to use it incorrectly. You should always use it, and it makes your lawn look a lot better. Grass needs minerals, and the grass converts these minerals into sugars; the grass does this through photosynthesis. Lawn food does not feed the grass directly, but mainly puts it in the soil of the grass. In this way, more minerals are introduced into the soil and the grass can easily absorb them. By regularly re-using the lawn food, you ensure that the lawn never runs short of nutrients. This keeps it a lot stronger and, of course, in optimal condition. However, there are different kinds of lawn food, which one should you choose? In this article, we will discuss this in detail so that you can find out more.

Different types of fertiliser

If you have to buy lawn feed, you should look at the different types. Each type of lawn feed has a different NPK ratio. So, there is always nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in lawn food, but the proportions can differ. On the internet, you can clearly see these differences, but you should look carefully at the purpose you have in mind. Phosphorous plays a better role in root development, i.e., growth at the bottom of the soil. This is especially useful in summer and ensures that the grass stays in place better during drought. Potassium ensures that the resistance of the grass becomes a lot stronger, and this is especially useful in the autumn. You should fertilise your lawn at least four times a year so that it can maintain its beautiful results.

Grass seed

Besides fertilising your grass, it is sometimes useful to seed it. This reduces the likelihood of bare spots in the lawn. Of course, you need to do this with the right grass seeds and there are many differences. There are many different types, and they all differ from each other. For instance, there are special grass seed for sports fields and for lawns that are walked on a lot. Find a reliable supplier on the internet and only order your grass seeds here. This way, you know for sure that you can buy high-quality grass seeds that will give you a beautiful lawn. When looking for a provider, it could be worth it to look at the provider Moowy.

Why would you use lawn feed?